Synthetic derivatives of testosterone

Everyone around the globe is busy looking out for shortcuts to achieve success. However, there is no shorter ways to attain what you have always dreamt of. A lot of fitness buffs around the world are known to use supplements or in other words steroids to aid their way to victory. So in case you were not aware of the very existence of these supplements, it is high time to have a read. A harsh truth when it comes to working out is the fact that muscle growth is not directly proportional to the effort you put into working out. It depends a lot on other contributing factors. Testosterone is very helpful in attaining the optimum physical fitness. The naturally existing level of testosterone could decline with age and other natural causes and is very important to maintain the level of this hormone in the body. Thus it is advantageous to maintain a healthy level by using natural supplements or other means. There are plenty of scientifically proven methods to increase the quantity of this hormone in our body. First and best thing to do, especially for fitness enthusiasts and body builders is to burn down fat in their body.

This helps in many ways not pertaining to boosting testosterone levels as well. The side effects associated with testosterone replacements theory makes it a very unattractive option. There are a variety of testosterone supplements out there of which Nebido, the only long lasting testosterone undecanoate is the most sought after one. The dosage measured by the active ingredient is about 4-5 injections per year.

To know in detail about the working of these testosterone supplements, it is recommended to understand what an anabolic steroid is. These synthetic testosterone, also known to as the Depo testosterone often mimics the effects of the naturally occurring testosterone in the body. The level of this natural hormone diminishes with age which is why it is highly advised to maintain a generous level of this hormone in the body. Low levels of testosterone can knock down your energy at time and this is where these supplements come in handy. Some of the gains this supplement brings about includes accelerated muscle gains, promotes overall muscle bulking and enhanced and improvised muscle strength. These anabolic steroids which are synthetic derivatives of testosterone can also cause some trouble if not used wisely. The dosage measured by the active ingredient in these supplements heavily depends upon the workout regimen of the user.

Side Effects

Though this steroid brings about extensive gains in the body of the user, it is often associated with some side effects like all its counterparts. The effects also varies from person to person. Some people might experience significant gains and others might get affected by certain side effects. Some of the common side effects associated with this steroid include natural testosterone suppression, hair loss, irritation in skin, etc. Women may also suffer from certain side effects like roughening of voice, enlargement of clitoris, excessive hair growth on face and limbs etc.